You are fearless
You are strong
You love the beauty in the dishevelled
You love art
You love a soft breeze
You love sunlight
You love flowing fabrics
You love being barefoot
You love letting your skin breathe
You love the quiet moments
You love to read
You love good music that moves your soul
You are not afraid of your reflection
You do not need validation
You are fierce in mind as well as body
You are easy-going
You love romance
You love movement
You do not let society define you
You are feminist
You are feminine
You have favourite features of which you are not ashamed, and they make you feel amazingly beautiful
You belong
You matter
You may not always feel like all of these things at once, but you know that this is who you truly are...


who am i?

I am all of these things as well, and I am also an artist super excited to show you and help you recognize these beautiful corners of yourself. This session is entirely about you, and I know we are going to have an amazing time!