Are You Brave Enough to Find Out?

Do you love yourself, completely, unconditionally, unapologetically? Do you love yourself in an unwavering way, where you embrace your strength and everything that makes you you? Are you brave enough to find out?

Breathless VIPs Cyber Monday sale!

$75 off Session Fee and Complimentary with product/package purchase: $100 credit towards product or package & phone app of purchased images!

If you get your hair and make up done at Annie Young Boutique Spa you will receive a bonus thank you gift from me (valued $150)


|Fine Art Prints pricing starts at $400 and go up from there & Digital Packages start at $800 and go up from there|

How to purchase your spot

Scroll down to the spot where you can pick the month you want to do your session in. There are only 15 spots available for 2019. If you select the month you want and it says it is not available that means someone else already purchased that spot. Once you have picked a month that is good for you and available click “Book Now” and then fill out the form that follows. It gives me more of an idea of what you have planned for your session - let me know if you are looking for a couples boudoir session - and it will let you know more about my policies etc.

**note there is a model release you have to agree to in order for me to be able to deliver you your private gallery, but right underneath that clause is a chance for you to tell me whether you are ok with me sharing your images, many women say as long as their face isn’t in it they are fine, or anything shared is fine, but if you are worried about your profession etc, I take your personal and professional safety very seriously so if you do not want to share anything feel free to say so! No hard feelings at all!

Once you have filled out the form go to your cart and go ahead with your purchase, it is through PayPal so you can use your credit or visa debit card. You do not need a PayPal account to purchase.

If when you click Book Now, nothing happens, scroll up to make sure you filled out the form correctly.

What to Expect After You Book

Keep an eye out in your inbox of the email address you booked with. I will be sending you a welcome email on Monday explaining the next steps. You will have opportunity to book your complimentary pre-consultation, this is where we will go through what you would like to do in the session, what your motivations are, and we will look at my pricing and choose the package you would like to purchase. If you would like more info on what to expect beyond that click here for more info!

2019 Sessions - Black Friday Sale
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2019 Sessions - Black Friday Sale

includes your creative session, professional retouching of images and an in-person appointment to select your favorites. Also included as a bonus: access to the studio lingerie and dress wardrobe (sizes S-2XL available) as well as a style consult. 

CYBER MONDAY BONUS: Complimentary with purchase: Phone App of Images Purchased & $100 credit towards luxury product!

Fine Art Prints start at $400 and go up from there. Collections start at $800 and go up from there.

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I am nervous about this! What is your advice? 

Being nervous about this is totally normal, but I promise your nerves will melt away very quickly! After 15 minutes of shooting, laughing, and just having a chat you will see how fun and easy it is. Plus I fully respect your boundaries... although, if you tell me you do not like your ass, I promise I will re-introduce you to it... all my clients who say they don't like their ass leave this experience really loving it! haha - I am really doing BIG things for this world :) 

I do not have an average size body, what do I wear? And am I supposed to know how to pose?

I love shooting women of all shapes and sizes! I have also spent many years and a lot of time and money invested in learning how to shoot women in ways that flatters their body shape. I have a client wardrobe full of gorgeous pieces, but if you do not fit into my wardrobe I will direct you to the proper styles and places to purchase your outfits. My wardrobe can fit XS to 2XL and I am always working on diversifying my wardrobe, all I ask is that you bring a nude thong to wear under my bodysuits. I do all of the posing, so although it may feel much like a workout, you will know that I am doing my job which is showing you just how gorgeous you really are!

Do you offer payment plans?

Of course! I definitely do not want to become a bill collector, so there are limits to how many payments and how long your payment arrangements can go for, but I completely understand that this is an investment. Just inquire at the pre-consultation to see if you qualify.

 What if I have never liked a photograph of myself?

This is so totally normal. I even have this problem myself when others take my picture… but now I know the truth… it is not me that is at fault when there is a bad picture, it is the person taking the picture not understanding lighting and angles. I have had clients tell me they have never liked pictures of them smiling before, or they cannot believe that the person they see on the back of my camera or in their gallery at the reveal is actually them… trust that this is going to be a chance for you to see yourself in a way you may have never seen before. It’s a truly amazing and empowering experience!

How long will it take before I can see my photos? 

I try to complete the images rather quickly after your session is complete... I blame it on the fact that I get too excited about your session to take a dang break 9 times out of 10! So expect your reveal to happen a week or two after your session - if you need it rushed please let me know at your consultation or the latest at your session. Please keep in mind that I am a one woman show and I do get busy sometimes, so this is just an estimate, but I am pretty known for how quickly my return is with my editing… heck I teach classes on it! Print product can take up to 4-6 weeks from order.