Boudie Parties


Are you looking for a unique and memorable way to celebrate a special birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, etc. with your fave girls? If so a boudie party is SO much fun! Read below for more information on how you can make your celebration incredibly remarkable and entertaining!


what's included?

Boudie parties are normally about 4 hours long. They take place in your airbnb, hotel, or home. I provide access to my favourite salon in Montreal for hair and make up for all the ladies in the party - if you tell them I sent you, you get a special photoshoot price! Our star of the day (the bride/birthday girl, etc) will get a 45 minutes session with me as well as an 11x14 fine art print and the rest of the party each get a 30 minute session with me, as well as a 5x7 fine art print from the night. Everyone has access to my boudoir closet, as well as the option to purchase more images or print product if they so wish!

I also provide our star's favourite drinks and snacks, fun and sexy games, as well as photos of the whole group together!

Additionally our star will receive a complimentary style consult and all of the party goers can either arrange a group reveal appointment (make it another mini party!) or, individual online reveal sessions, so that they can choose which pictures they would like to invest in.


so how much does this cost?


It is $100 each for your session time and your included fine art print. Our star of the day doesn't have to pay as her session fee is waived! My policy is that you only buy the images that you love, so you are under no obligation to purchase more than the initial party cost, but just a warning, you are gonna love A LOT of these images, so it might be a good idea to book your free consultation and we can go over all of that so you are fully prepared.



where do I start?

Super easy! Email me at or click here to contact me :) Normally I will work with the friend and/or our Star organizing the party. Contracts are sent to all joining the party individually, but that 'point person' will receive the invoice for the party. Once the contracts are signed and the invoice is paid, your party is booked! 

I will be meeting with our Star to discuss the session and what to expect either in person or over the phone. We will discuss about the style of party she wants, some of the fun different options that we can provide as well as we will finalize the date and location. Most girls choose to have their party at an airbnb, hotel room or at the home of one of the participants - if there is a cost to rent the location that is an additional expense between you and the location - but if you would like help picking a great and interesting location I am always here to help with some options, natural light is needed for these photos so please make sure the location you choose has a lot of that. A place like this airbnb is perfect for photos to be done! If any of the joining party would like to ask any questions or get wardrobe advice they are more than welcome to email me personally :) 


what happens the day of the party?

Well the number one priority is to have an insane amount of fun! :) 

I highly suggest that our Star get her hair & make up done at my preferred salon (along with any other participants who want to join her) on the morning of the party. I will arrive at your location for the afternoon (likely from 12-4pm or 1-5pm). I will be bringing the snacks and refreshments, as well as some fun, sassy and NSFW games :)

Once everyone is settled and comfy, depending on what you want, we can do your sessions in a separate room, or a separate area of the main room with you ladies cheering each other on. Whatever you prefer and are comfortable with. Our Star gets her 45 minute session, and then everyone else gets their 30 minute session individually afterwards. 

At the end we can do some Vanity Fair type group shots, so you can all stay in your fave piece of lingerie, have matching kiminos, or do this part dressed up, whatever you like and whatever fits the vibe of the location! :) 

Then 2-3 weeks later you'll either have your group reveal session or separate online reveals, again whatever you prefer. This is where you will each choose your complimentary print that is included in your party cost as well as decide if you would like to invest in one of our specially priced collections!

more questions?

no problem! Feel free to email me at or click here to contact me