she took hold of her life and fell in love | montreal boudoir photographer

This amazing woman won herself a free session through Sociale (an amazing place for women in business to network in Montreal), here is the entry she won her session with:

I’ve never liked my body. My dad often told me: “you’re not very pretty, I don’t like it”. So I never had the confidence. But as I grew up, I started to build that confidence and I started to feel better about myself. I started to be brave. Arriving in Montreal, I wanted to put the past behind and start afresh. I decided that I will do everything I wanted to do but never did because I didn’t think I had a nice body. So I went and bought lingerie for the first time, I got a tattoo I really wanted for a long time and I wanted to do a boudoir photoshoot. Not to prove myself to others, not so people can see nice pictures of me, but for me.

"...I wanted to do a boudoir photoshoot. Not to prove myself to others, not so people can see nice pictures of me, but for me." 

Because I think it’s important to take the time to do things for yourself so you can love and believe in yourself. And I love Reina Procee’s work! :) I guess that’s why I want to win, sorry it’s so long!

And when the session was all said and done she had this to say:

It was the most fun and empowering experience of my life. I felt like the weight I was carrying all these years just flew away like it never existed. 
I never knew I could be this comfortable and confident showing my body, it was as if my body was screaming to the world : "I'm beautiful !" 
And I am so grateful to Reina, the loveliest person I know, for bringing out that part of me. You did more than brighten up my day, this experience brighten up my life !

This is what I aim for in ALL of my sessions, it is my dream to make women feel this good about their bodies!