you are not your makeup! | montreal boudoir photographer

Cynthia was wonderful to work with. We often worked together as she did the makeup for my boudoir clients in Montreal. On a couple of occasions, she would stick around and observe a few sessions after she had finished with the makeup. She would even assist at times, helping with the reflector or demonstrating how to pose for my clients. She really enjoyed herself, so I thought I would invite her to pose in front of the camera for a  proper portrait session. Cynthia was a natural! Super photogenic, glamorous, and very patient with my more difficult poses. However, returning to the topic of makeup, this is where Cynthia really shines. 

The concept of makeup is a difficult one for many women. Far too often it is believed to be a mask to hide perceived flaws. Many times, my clients would insist on NEEDING makeup to be beautiful, which is unfortunate. My focus is to cultivate the idea of realizing the beauty within yourself through fine art portrait photography. 

Hair and makeup can serve multiple purposes, they are a tool to serve you, but they are not YOU. I like to use hair and makeup to pamper my clients and put them at ease. More importantly, makeup is not a mask to make you beautiful, rather it is a lens to view what is already there! Cynthia understands this and this is why I appreciate her work so much. She is able to read the contours, lines, and subtle features of my clients' face. Rather than erasing who you are, she enhances your features to reveal the stone cold fox that you have been all along! This practice of enhancing features is very important me and is something that I look for when selecting any makeup artist I work with.

So please enjoy these photos of Cynthia’s session. She did her own makeup, which demonstrates my philosophy of seeing your own beauty.

-Reina, #seeyourbeauty