classical beauty | montreal boudoir photograper

Ever since I was a child, I was enchanted by the great painters of the renaissance and northern Europe. Leonardo’s attention to the anatomy of the subject, the emotion conveyed in Michelangelo's sculptures, or the moody atmosphere of Rembrandt, all of these men spoke to a latent desire in my heart to create. It my lens that has provided an outlet to express this creativity, and it is through boudoir and beauty photography that I can make tangible what I see in my mind's eye.

This brings me to Marysa. She is my cousin and I adore her! Her beauty is classical and timeless. Marysa was an early model for my Breathless brand and a perfect subject for portrait photography.

Though this session was particularly heavy with the shadows, I decided to take a page from Rembrandt and embrace the darkness. :p I was really drawn in by the details: the petals of the flowers, the flowing folds of her dress, and her delicate hands. Creating a fine art piece with her was effortless, I sometimes wonder if I had to do anything at all. This little woman enchants and inspires me with her beauty. Is shines so clearly from within her. It’s almost blinding.

Please enjoy.

-Reina, #seeyourbeauty