your lover's gaze | montreal boudoir photographer

As you all know, my intention is not to project my sense of beauty onto the client, rather, I look to release their own allure. During my boudoir sessions, I like to create something special; a feeling or state of mind.

I like to approach my sessions with this philosophy in mind. One method of helping my clients realize what lies within is to capture with my lens what their lover sees when they look upon them. Catching little details: that little mole on the cheek, the curl of the lip, or the shape of the body; each are important in generating this state of mind. I find that looking at the camera in these situations breaks the magic of these moments of self-discovery.

The details are important.

The details are important.

Usually, through the course of the session, my clients feel a realization of their own delicate femininity and sexual energy. It is at this moment of empowerment, that I ask them to look at the camera. This is a powerful moment in which she can realize just how sexy, fierce, and beautiful she really is.

Karen’s shoot was fantastic. She has an unassuming allure to her personality and a quiet dignity to her beauty. It was a really treat work with her.

—Reina, #seeyourbeauty