party in room 512 | montreal boudoir photographer

*DISCLAIMER* This blog will contain high levels of gushing, praise, and perhaps a little fangirling. :P

This is Suzanne, she is an amazingly talented, and award-winning photographer (check her out!). When I opened my books for a boudoir marathon session last Christmas, she booked right away. However, she didn’t just flatter me with her beauty alone, but went ahead and invited all of her friends along, turning my one-day marathon, into an entire weekend filled with lovely ladies. Easily one of the best Christmas gifts I could have asked for!

As one could imagine, I was quite nervous to meet Suzanne in person. You can only get to know someone online so much, and you never quite know what you're going to get when you meet them in person. Suzanne was blunt, and friendly, and funny, and basically awesome online, but it turns out she ended up underselling herself… She was a thousand times even more awesome in person!

She was hilarious, a powerhouse of personality, and drop dead gorgeous. I spent a lot of my time during that marathon session easing the minds of my clients and trying to assuage their self-conscious thoughts. Suzanne would have none of that! She turned her session into a party allowing me to forget how nervous I was to have such talent in front of my lens (I mean if I made a technical blunder - she would know). We honestly had a blast! 

Her session was amazing and effortless. I just sat back and captured every bit of her awesome radiance. When it was all said and done, my head was spinning and I couldn't stop smiling; I was simply dazzled. 

Thank you Suzanne, I am lucky to call you a friend and colleague.

—Reina, #seeyourbeauty