anniversary couples boudoir | montreal portrait photographer

When I met these two I was immediately struck by how much I just wanted to hang out with them. They are so laid-back, have a great sense of humour and are completely genuine. I was two-parts nervous, one-part excited to do their session. This was my first "couples boudoir" session, and I was worried about whether I would be professional enough (I'm a total goofball) to help them capture their connection, or whether I would be able to make them feel safe enough to give me just a peek into their most intimate parts of their relationship. My nerves made me talk too much, and I started the session focusing on Emily, because this is what I know, and I knew if I didn't do well with the couples portion, she will at least have her images. 

I tell ya, I had NOTHING to be worried about. I left that session feeling amazing, and while editing the photos I was completely amazed at how open and loving and sexy these two were! This is my new favourite thing about this portraiture line! Capturing their relationship 5 years into their marriage is only going to enrich the rest of their lives together - but enough from me... 

Here are her words:

My shoot with Reina was my first boudoir shoot, and first professional photos I had had since my wedding reception, and even then I didn't have my hair/makeup done by a professional {shout out to Annie Young Cosmetiques!}. My husband and I wanted to do something special for our five year anniversary that would not only be fun to do together, but also celebrate our connection and sexual chemistry based on the grounds of us not being young and hot forever. What we really loved about Reina was that she was open with trying shots and poses and scenarios that we thought would express elements of our relationship best, but shot in a way that would look the best in a photo. Whether it was a photo of my favourite past-time, having my feet rubbed while I peruse Instagram, or it was a romantic candle-lit bubble bath, it was a truly collaborative and fun experience and we couldn't be happier with the results. My husband and I now have something beautiful to remind us of a very important time in our marriage together that accurately represents our connection, and makes us both feel beautiful.