5 Reasons You Shouldn't Do A Boudoir Session | Montreal Boudoir Photographer


These are the 5 reasons I am most commonly given for why someone wants to wait on booking their boudoir session… and what I wish I could say when I hear them!


The number one reason I get is that they need to lose a bit more weight first. WHY?! If you are someone who has fluctuated in her weight throughout her life, did you actually love yourself at your smaller weight? If you are anything like me than probably not… the most important and beautiful thing you could do for yourself is love yourself as you are. That doesn't mean that if you love yourself at this weight that you will stay that way… in fact I have had many clients who took the leap and did their session and ended up loving and accepting their body as it was, and either the last 10-20 pounds they wanted to lose didn't matter anymore or they found that the weight just melted off because they were more inclined to do loving things for their body. Additionally my posing is very slimming, with all the arching and whatnot you will be amazed at how curvy and tiny you already are! But the most important thing I have ever learned is that your weight is the least interesting thing about you! It's true! It's the first thing you might see in your mirror but it's honestly the last thing the rest of us see!


Nothing to Wear!

Oh I get it! Either you don't own anything pretty or sexy, or what you have isn't photoshoot pretty. The great news is I am a full service studio! I have items from small to 2X, the only thing you need to bring is a nude coloured thing to wear under my pieces! If you have a different size I can stock up if there is enough time, but also I am always available to you for style consults! I have had clients email or text me while they were in the dressing room asking my opinion haha :) I'm always there to help you look your best. But keep in mind, you don't have to wear anything! Using sheets, or even just using light and shadow to clothe you is super sexy! And we can even make a big t-shirt and a great cute pair of undies super sexy too! Think outside of the box!



You are right! Doing a boudoir session is an investment for sure! In order to give you the amazing service I always strive to, my pricing needs to be where it is so that I can treat each and one of my clients like they are the single most important client! This is why I am only booking a limited amount of sessions a year, so that when you are in a changing room and unsure if you should get the pink or grey bodysuit or whether you should get that corset or not, you can send me a quick text for guidance… or if you get super nervous about your session I will be there for you as a supportive ear to help you decide what you want to do. A truly luxurious experience comes at a luxurious price. The greatest thing is you will be entering this knowing exactly how much you are spending, at your complimentary pre-consultation we go through all this information as well we can discuss payment plans if that makes it easier on you. Just remember: you are WORTH this investment! Too often I see women investing in photographs of their children, and hiding from the camera… when the time comes, will you be leaving behind your story, or will you be missing from it? YOU MATTER… so invest in your story!


Don't Know How To Pose!

If you are awkward like me, you definitely do not know how to pose yourself sexily. Or maybe it's the thought of coming up with poses in front of a camera that intimidates you. I even had one client worried that there would be a bunch of lights and that she would feel super uncomfortable and like she was under a microscope… but that is not at all the case for your session. I only use natural light, and I pose you from head to toe! I also have a lot of my poses involve you looking down or away, not only does this give you the feeling of being able to see yourself as others do when you're not looking, but it also makes the whole experience less intimidating because you are not being confronted by my camera constantly… you can basically ignore it and just have an amazing time :) All the poses are guided by me, but you are also welcome to move how you like and I will work with what you give me, because making sure you look gorgeous is MY job.

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Not Sure If Being Sexy Is Your Thing.

I totally get that! I am actually not someone who is into lingerie and other than a couple pieces I own, I honestly feel sexier in a t-shirt with underwear or a slouchy sweater and no pants. I am a no frills kinda girl! So if you aren't into leather and lace, I definitely am super interested in doing sessions that bring out your sensuality and keeping it unique is my favourite thing to do!


Contact me if you are ready to invest in your story and begin the journey of loving and celebrating yourself!