so much better than a tie or socks | montreal boudoir photogapher

Capturing the beauty in women is my favourite thing to do. Your natural grace, charm, and inner warmth can be read in the soft curves your body, in the movement of your hands, the curl of your smile, or your biggest laugh. Each boudoir session is very important to me.

I approach my boudoir sessions as a conversation. My client, myself, and my camera are all in conversation with one another. We are in search of the hidden mysteries of your beauty and sexual energy.

This said, a session with me is not your average boudoir photoshoot. I don’t put you through a set routine of sexy poses. I am enchanted by the beauty and individuality of each and every one of my clients. My aim is to pose and capture you according to your unique personality and body. And I have the knowledge in how to pose bodies of all shapes and sizes! 

This is why I am super excited to announce a Holiday Boudoir Marathon on November 18 & 19!

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This is a prime opportunity to be pampered and feel gorgeous for the afternoon! I have partnered up with Sarah Michelle Fahey to offer professional hair & makeup. And I also have a few surprises and goodies planned for my ladies who join!

What should I expect on the day of the session? The way it will work is that you will come at the time you book and spend an hour with Sarah, then you will come into the studio to do your session in the second hour. Sarah and I will work together to make sure your experience is relaxed, fun and all about you! 

What should I bring to wear? I never want you to feel like you are wearing a costume. Authenticity is queen! I want you to recognize your own particular charm, and not some abstract standard of beauty. I want you to see what is within. So bring what you are comfortable wearing, bring what makes YOU feel sexy. And if you feel you have nothing to wear you have access to my full closet of dresses, pretty shirts and some gorgeous lingerie pieces as well! 

Are digital images included? I have two packages available, and both include digital images in the package. I worked hard to keep these packages affordable while making sure you have something to give your lover during this Holiday season.

Now I understand all too well the selfless nature of women. Rarely will we do something for ourselves. If anything right now you are thinking of all of the reasons why you shouldn't do this. Before your inner voice tells you that you are too this or too that, or that you need to lose those last few pounds first, think of this: You are beautiful - yes you actually are - your partner thinks so (in fact, I KNOW so) maybe it is time for you to see it for yourself. And there isn't a better place in this Montréal to be shown your beauty.

So I dare you to come in for this session. I dare you to brazenly accept your beauty - and the bonus is your partner gets a treat too! 

Book now as spaces are limited, and have your photos by Christmas!

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