When I went into my session with Reina Procee that day I was so nervous. I’d known her a year or so at that point so it wasn’t a stranger nervousness it was self image nervousness. I didn’t think I could pull off this type of session, even though Reina told me she knew I could.
Let me tell you, I have never felt so comfortable in front of the camera, especially being half naked in some funky poses. She really does know how to make a woman feel beautiful and comfortable in her own skin. It was empowering to feel this good!

— H.G.

“considerate, hilarious”

The words I would use to describe Reina Procee: considerate, hilarious, crazy (in the best way!), understanding, calm, soft, professional, friendly and most important: NON-JUDGEMENTAL. Reina just wants you to have a good time during the session, not just be happy with your pics afterwards. That’s what suprised me the most: when I look at these pictures I not only feel proud of my body, I remember how I felt during the shoot. Reina was able to capture my strength as well as my feminine softer side together... which I had never been able to see before. Just overall an amazing experience which every person should try. *** If you are waiting to lose some weight before booking a session (as I did for 2 years) don’t!! The whole point of this was to show me how beautiful I was in the moment! No more waiting!!! Book a session!!

— M.T.

It was hard for me to pick just one photo from my session with Reina. I loved them all so much! Reina made me feel like a million dollars regardless of my size. I know most boudoir photos are done with girls who are much smaller than my body type but when I was with Reina I felt like a supermodel. I have never in my life felt more confident or beautiful. The funny thing is that after the session was over I kept that confidence! I love you Reina and can’t wait to do another session!!

— Jess N.

“I’m beautiful!”

It was the most fun and empowering experience of my life. I felt like the weight I was carrying all these years just flew away like it never existed. I never knew I could be this comfortable and confident showing my body, it was as if my body was screaming to the world : "I'm beautiful !"
And I am so grateful to Reina, the loveliest person I know, for bringing out that part of me. You did more than brighten up my day, this experience brighten up my life!

— A.L.


Liberating! Such a powerful experience that shifted so much of my own self reflection. As a mom of twins whose body has the marks of this; celebrating all of what it is to be a woman through Reina's eyes and lens was a gift.

— L.D.