Toronto... you feeling brave?

Boudoir sessions are not just about the sexy photographs (although that is definitely an amazing bonus... haha). Boudoir is a new state of mind.

It's about celebrating yourself, discovering yourself and giving yourself the love you deserve! 


Something I have learned about women...

- we have too many insecurities
- we are tired of those insecurities running our lives
- we are always looking for ways to come into our power and take over this world! (or is that just me haha)

What I have learned about myself...

There is nothing I love more than showing a woman that she truly is as beautiful/sexy/amazing as she always wished she could be...
and I love seeing the power within her grow.
We have held ourselves back for too long by putting ourselves down and wishing to be more than we are...

we are enough



limited edition 1 hour themed sessions


Toronto, ON


September 22, 2018

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I bring the clothes and the poses... you just bring you



Session Fee is 100

This Session Fee includes a ton of stuff! It consists of a pre-shoot consultation, wardrobe and styling advice, so I can definitely help you figure out what to wear and where to find these things if you need some help with that! You’ll also have access to my Client Wardrobe. The photoshoot itself is also included; an hour in session with me. Finally, the last thing included in the Session Fee is professional retouching. That’s a little bit of Photoshop, typically some skin smoothing or bags under the eyes. Nothing too crazy, but a little bit goes a long way!

After your session is fully edited we will be meeting via Skype for your image reveal. It will be at this time that you will be able to choose your favourite images and purchase your digital package. 

Digital Packages

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3 Full Resolution Digital Images
8x10 Matted Print
Print Release

400 + tax

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10 Full Resolution Digital Images
6"x 6" Artisan Album
Print Release

800 + tax



All Full Resolution Digital Images
8"x 8" Artisan Album
Retro Viewfinder

1000 + tax

limited spots are available so click below to retain yours

Shower Sessions

This works as a retainer to hold your date and time.
- pre-shoot consultation over the phone
- access to client wardrobe and styling advice
- 1 hour photoshoot with Reina
- Professional Retouching

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Saturday september 22 - Available times

9 am - open
10 am - open
11 am - open
12 pm - open



I am nervous about this! What is your advice? 

Being nervous about this is totally normal, but I promise your nerves will melt away very quickly! After 15 minutes of shooting, laughing, and just having a chat you will see how fun and easy it is. Plus I fully respect your boundaries... although, if you tell me you do not like your ass, I promise I will re-introduce you to it... all my clients who say they don't like their ass leave this experience really loving it! haha - I am really doing BIG things for this world :) 

I do not have an average size body, what do I wear? And am I supposed to know how to pose?

I love shooting women of all shapes and sizes! I have also spent many years and a lot of time and money invested in learning how to shoot women in ways that flatters their body shape. I have a client wardrobe full of gorgeous pieces, but if you do not fit into my wardrobe I will direct you to the proper styles and places to purchase your outfits. My wardrobe can fit XS to XL (and I am working on getting larger sizes) and I do all of the posing, so all I ask is that you bring a thong to wear under my bodysuits! Full service over here haha!

Do you offer payment plans?

Of course! I definitely do not want to become a bill collector, so there are limits to how many payments and how long your payment arrangements can go for, but I completely understand that this is an investment. Just inquire either at the session or at the reveal appointment to see if you qualify.

 What if I have never liked a photograph of myself, am I obligated to order a minimum amount?

Not at all! You have no minimum order amount. In my world, you only buy what you LOVE! That is how confident I am that you will love your images! In fact, I am more worried about you loving them all!

How long will it take before I can see my photos? 

I am traveling and without my regular equipment, so expect for the editing process to take at least 2 weeks or so. I try to complete the images rather quickly after your session is complete... I blame it on the fact that I get too excited about your session to take a dang break 9 times out of 10 haha! Print product can take up to 4-6 weeks from order.